VJ Contest

And the winner iiisss: 

JEM THE MISFITS, from New Zeland! First women to win the Mapping Festival VJ contest.




Here are the Mapping Festival 2012 VJ contest selection:

ANDREA FAMILARI (IT) - http://famifax.com

JORGE – PISS & LAUGH TV (ES) - http://vimeo.com/user934322

MOHAMED MAY (CH) - http://phoebus1924.tumblr.com

VENI VIDI VJ (FR) - http://www.venividivj.com

FRANZ KARL (CH) - http://www.franzkarl.ch

EMIKO (PL) - http://vimeo.com/vjemiko

VJ ZARIA ( BR) - http://vjzaria.com

VJ JAGO (PL) - http://vimeo.com/36280972

OPTIKA (CO) - http://optikalink.weebly.com

CHINDOGU (UY) - http://vimeo.com/vjchindogu

JEM THE MISFIT (AU) - www.jemthemisfit.com

WALLFILLER (NL) - http://wallfiller.com

And this year, the top five finalists will present a 2hrs live mix at Spoutnik Cinema, that same evening on the last night of the Mapping on the sounds of devilish DJ Schnautzi the crazy mustached… and many other gifts:

- a kit Reflex  Boitier + Objectif (value 899.- chf, FNAC)

- a VMX 64 (value 499€, Codanova)

- a  GOPRO Camera kit (value 399.- chf, FNAC)

- a Monster headphone (value 349.- chf, FNAC)

- some Modul8 licenses (value 299€)

- some MadMapper licenses (value 299€)

- some Resolume licences (value 299€)