Software presentation

Le Commun // May 11th // 18h-21h

Free entrance

A world premiere and exclusive preview of new features for the upcoming releases of MadMapper and Modul8 will be presented to you by the softwares developers themselves, as well as demonstrations of new dedicated MIDI controllers for Modul8. Modul8 is an application designed for real time video mixing. MadMapper is a simple and easy video mapping application. /



Mapping workshop for teens from 12 to 15 years

Musée d’art et d’histoire

May 13th // 10h-13h / 14h-17h

Presentation from 17h

Participation: chf 30.-

Redraw, reword, or even animate, in time and space, a place, an area or a volume via projections of light and other tools, that’s what mapping can offer. Which technologies are used by artists working with mapping? How do they work with the light – and often sound – decor of the subjects they have chosen?

Animé par Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ/FR).



Software workshop 

Fonderie Kugler

May 17th-18th // 10h-13h

Free entrance

The Tagtool community is taking over the space of La Fonderie for three days of workshops, jam sessions, performances and celebration. Come and find out about projection painting, get your hands dirty at one of the workshops, or simply enjoy the show. We made sure to invite an excellent line-up of musicians, so the ears won’t be jealous of the eyes. Tagtoolistas of all skill levels are welcome to bring their homebrew instruments and take part in the jam sessions. For this special occasion, OMA International is proud to introduce a new multiplayer Tagtool software for iPad. The designers and developers will be there to present their take on the future of projection painting.

Dieter Puntigam and friends will transform part of the space of La Fonderie into a three-dimensional sculpture as a canvas for Tagtool sessions. Cell City installation will be present throughout the workshop.



Tagtool Community

Fonderie Kugler

May 17th-18th // 14h-17h

Free entrance

Bring your Tagtool or iPad (iPad 2 or later) and join the jam. No experience required. Musicians and VJs are welcome!



Software presentation

Fonderie Kugler

May 16th // 20h-21h30

Free entrance

Les équipes d’OMA et Attentive présenteront leur nouveau logiciel Tagtool pour iPad ainsi que leur vision de la peinture par projection comme forme d’expression artistique sur laquelle il faut compter. Suivi d’une discussion modérée.



 A/V Performance

Fonderie Kugler

17-18 mai // 20h-21h30

Free entrance

Pour participer :

 Une sélection triée sur le volet de plusieurs courtes performances d’artistes et de musiciens du réseau OMA et de la communauté Tagtool. 



Le Commun // May 19th

Workshop: 13h-17h

Free entrance but subscription

Subscription: (object: name of the workshop)

What is the role of open source today in A/V performances and the Vjing? Open source softwares presentation.

Presentation by: Olivier Heinry, Benjamin Cadon and 




La Gravière

May 17th // 14h-18h

Participation: 65.-

Subscription: (object: name of the workshop)

In this workshop attendees will assemble an analog circuit which generates simple drone patterns of interlinked sound and light. No experience is necessary and all parts will be provided (except soldering irons). This circuit utilizes 6 tunable oscillators to create 3 pulse width modulation patterns which are used to create sound as well as modulate the brightness of red, green and blue LEDs.The result is a complex pattern of constantly shifting colors and tonal drones.



Théâtre de l’Usine

May 15th to 17th // 16h-22h

Participation : 80.-

Subscription: (object: name of the workshop)

Around DIEU EST UN DJ, insanë (program) present a telepresence artistic workshop.