pascal Dufaux
Thu, 10 May - 11:00 to 19:00Le Commun (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)Installation / Exhibition

(FR/CA) - Déjà vu

"Déjà vu" is an empathetic device produced from a powered machine in slow and constant rotation equipped with a closed circuit camera, CCTV type, executing, in a hypocycloidal movement, an evolutive and meditative long-take. The images captured by the camera are transmitted by double projection in the space, producing an unusual videographic document in which the immediate context becomes the protagonist. The video signal coming from the camera is split into two channels: real-time and delayed a few seconds. These two images are slightly shifted and projected in large format on two perpendicular walls, in a corner arrangement taking the wedge axis of the machine as a center. Cyclically, the projections appear in the 180 ° scan field of the camera, are filmed and reinjected into the system, producing in a domino effect - time lags adding up to one another - a unique experience of mise en abyme at some points of the psychic phenomenon of déjà vu. This kinetic video installation site visitors and the exhibition space at the center of a strange documentary infinite oriented "now" on the threshold of this earlier.

Free entrance