ChloƩ Tallot + Arnout Hulskamp
Sat, 12 May - 00:00 to 01:00Spoutnik / UsineAudiovisual Performance

(FR/NL) - Possible Versatile Routine

"Possible Versatile Routine" is a visual and sound performance by Chloe Tallot and Arnout Hulskamp. The mix of Chloe starts playing on the tensions between her last two video projects. Then comes the manipulation of Arnout who, with its software "Open Wound", transforms the image stream. A shamanic video, she invites the public to participate in the meditation of the two artists. In this performance conceived as an initiation ritual, the viewer wanders on an endless road that turns and moves to the discretion of landscapes, red desert, blue mountain mist, green urban maze. The piece also uses geometric shapes inspired by the russian constructivism, floating freely in space and that are all metaphors for our relationship, confusion and fears. The whole piece becomes abstract as if to invite the public to get lost in the video. The deconstruction of the elements also evokes their true nature and their interchangeability. The public can then enter into a poetic and joyful meditation where the real and the abstract collide constantly. The performance invites the public to dive into this flood of images and let go, feel, take your time and fin your place. Along the way the viewer is accompanied by the emancipatory voice of Rosa Parks, Emma Goldman, Aung Saun Suu Kyi on a vibratory soundtrack.

Entrance: 12.-/8.-
(this price includes the performances all the AV performances of the night at the Spoutnik)
Entrance : 20.-
(this price includes the DJ and VJ sets at the Zoo and the AV performances at the Spoutnik)