Aleksandra Dulic & Kenneth Newby
Thu, 10 May - 11:00 to 19:00Le Commun (B√Ętiment d'art contemporain)Installation / Exhibition

(CA) - A Thousand Drops... Refracted Glances V2

An audiovisual installation with interactivity which takes the form of 110 individual screens with specialized sound where body parts are projected, like a mosaic or a kaleidoscope. It is a mirror for us in understanding ourself as part of one planet and a reflection of the multiplicity that we live in today.

Aleksandra Dulic is an artist-scholar working at the intersections of interactive multimedia installation and live performance with research foci in cross-cultural media art.

Kenneth Newby is a media artist whose research and creative practice explores expressive applications of computer assisted media composition, performance and diffusion.

Free entrance