Danny Perreault
Thu, 10 May - 11:00 to 19:00Le Commun (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)Installation / Exhibition

(CA) - Flow

"Flow" is an audiovisual installation that explores the fragmentation of projections in a 3D space. It is not only an experiment in which the viewer is surrounded by the projection surface, but also where he finds himself immersed in. The fragmentation of the screen into multiple autonomous and dispersed entities offers a scenography questioning the concepts of contour, screens, but also the perception of intentionality. At the heart of the device, each spectator is invited to have a unique and personal experience by choosing his position in the space. The device neglects the symbolic status of image by projecting abstract images generated in real time and offers a sensible world made of geometric abstractions and light fluctuations. While the multiplicity of screens that invade us daily anf divide our attention, "Flow" uses the proliferation of screens as a strategy to anchor in our minds a unifying experience of the present time.

Free entrance