Tasman Richardson
Fri, 11 May - 21:30 to 22:00Fonderie KuglerAudiovisual Performance

(CA) - Firing Squad

A projection of 15 television sets, targets the audience like a paparazzi firing squad. The minimal act of turning off causes each electron gun to produce a unique fingerprint and sound as it collapses. These brief recordings are micro edited into audio/video concrete via real time midi sequencing and improvisation.

Tasman Richardson is a Toronto based video artist , electronic composer, and graphic designer. For over a decade he has exhibited or performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, North Africa and Asia. His work focuses on entropy, tele-presence, appropriation, synesthesia, death culture, and JAWA editing (of which he is the founder), in which musical composition and abstract narratives are created entirely from video cut ups with strict attention to maintaining the original source sound and image. His artworks are available through Vtape, V-Atak, Art Metropole, and

Entrance: 15.-/10.-
(this price includes the following performances: Tasman Richarson, Sculpture, Kurt Laurenz Theinert/Johann Bourquenez/Lain)