Lvis Mejìa
Fri, 11 May - 01:00 to 02:00Spoutnik / UsineAudiovisual Performance

(MX) Syntagma

Syntagma means a compound, made up of contradictions, a conglomerate. This work uses music as an analogy to language in the broadest sense. Both, because of the linear character generate a concatenation of different single elements which represent diverse type of music styles like: electronica, experimental, classic and jazz among others, ending in a well set and concrete instance.

As a contemporary musician and multimedia artist, his works take on multiple forms such as audiovisual concerts or screening, music performances, diverse installations, sound design, net art, video and film. Mejì­a composes time based media that could be considered as an heterogeneous mixture of different digital generated structures, analogue engines, a variety of acoustic instruments, selected field recordings and the most essential contiguity where thoughts, aesthetics, emotions and art converge and blossom.
Obsessed to serve Art as autopoietic and unique instance, Mejà­a defends vehemently the idiosyncratic idea of reaching "Absolutism" trough art itself.

Entrance: 12.-/8.-
(this price includes the performances all the AV performances of the night at the Spoutnik)
Entrance : 20.-
(this price includes the DJ and VJ sets at the Zoo and the AV performances at the Spoutnik)