Michael Vorfeld
Sat, 19 May - 21:30 to 23:00Fonderie KuglerAudiovisual Performance

(DE) - Light Bulb Music

Michael Vorfeld, musician and visual artist, based in Berlin, plays percussion and self designed stringed instruments and realises electro-acoustic sound pieces. He works in the field of improvised, experimental music and sound art and is often involved in site-specific art projects. He realises installations and performances with light, works with photography and film. Besides his solo activities he is a member of various ensembles and collaborates with artists from different art forms. His list of activities includes numerous concerts, performances and exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Light Bulb Music is an audio-visual performance using sounds that are generated by different light bulbs and actuating electric devices. The use of different controllers such as switches, dimmers, relays, flashers and various others leads to changes in the light and the current flow. This is made audible by a range of microphones and pick-ups. In addition, fine mechanical sounds occurring inside the light controllers are amplified and integrated into the music. The changes in the light intensity, the incandescence of the filaments and the rhythmic variety of the flickering and pulsing lights is directly transformed into a comprehensive and microcosmic electro-acoustic world of sound.

Entrance: 15.-/10.-
(this price includes the following performances: Casperelectronics, Michael Vorfeld)