Nicolas Maigret
Fri, 18 May - 01:00 to 02:30Spoutnik / UsineAudiovisual Performance

(FR) - System Introspection

Nicolas Maigret experiments the capacity of the contemporary technologies to generate specific sound or visual languages. In his realizations, the internal characteristics of the media are revealed through their errors, dysfunctions, borderlines or failure threshold, which he develops sensory and immersive audio visual experiences. System Introspection┬╗ can be seen as an observation of the machine itself, providing a physical experience of the digital data. The concert is based on a concrete exploration of the binary code and its intrinsic qualities (structure, logic, rhythm, redundancy, compression) instantly rendered as visual and audio streams.

Entrance: 12.-/8.-
(this price includes the performances all the AV performances of the night at the Spoutnik)
Entrance : 20.-
(this price includes the DJ and VJ sets at the Zoo and the AV performances at the Spoutnik)