Sat, 19 May - 00:30 to 02:00Zoo / UsineDJset / Live


Zombidou started as a Hip Hop and RnB DJ in the early 2000's. His musical tastes headed progressively toward electronic music. He's a huge fan of horror movies with a uncommon fascination for zombies. He often incorporates frightening sounds in his sets to create a unique atmosphere. His quirkiness has allowed him to differ from the others and to build an offbeat identity that inevitably draws attention. He now devotes himself slowly to production, and testing his own tracks for now on his audiance. Watch out, the zombie is biting hard, once you get infected, you can hardly get off the dancefloor.

Entrance : 20.-
(this price includes the DJ and VJ sets at the Zoo and the AV performances at the Spoutnik)