Conférence: L'art et la lumière

Sun, 20 May - 15:00 to 16:00Musée d'art et d'histoireWorkshop / Lecture / Software demonstration


The question of light is of great importance in art history. Gothic architecture, Venetian painting, Baroque painting, chiaroscuro, impressionism, all those moments of painting are deeply related to light. With the advent of artificial light, this influence increased and became more complex. It became material as such in painting and in installations, but of course in new technologies, where it is a must. This conference will explore the different facets of the use of light in art, especially in modern and contemporary art.

A philosopher and art theorist, Manuela de Barros is a senior lecturer at the University of Paris 8 in arts, philosophy and aesthetics. She is also a professor of art and media history and at the School of Fine Arts, Chalon-sur-Saone (EMA Fructidor). She has published articles and books, mostly on the aesthetics of contemporary art and new media, the relationship between art, science and technology, biological changes, anthropological and environmental issues related to technosciences including those envisaged by artists, art, science and feminism. Latest publication: Duchamp et Malevitch, art et théories du langage, l'Harmattan, June 2011.

Free entrance