Marie-Avril & Muck
Sat, 19 May - 02:30 to 05:00La GravièreDJset / Live
Sat, 19 May - 23:00 to 01:00La GravièreDJset / Live

Marie-Avril (Raison Sociale, Saint-Vitus/GE)

Marie-Avril is a dj, party organizer and geographer because she loves the city and especially what people do there at night. In Geneva, she made her debut as a DJ in the historic sites of alternative culture, including at L'étage (Artamis) where she organized the TOTAL Parties, in which the mixture of music and crazy environments are often an opportunity to collaborate with artists. In 2005, she founded, an archive site dedicated to the theory of the party. Then, in 2010, she was mandated by the City of Geneva to coordinate an investigation of the nightlife in Geneva. Djing and research around the nightlife are complementary in practice and it's in the same logic that she has been coordinating for 3 years the exhibition of the Electron festival. Reflecting these efforts, her music is meant to be generous, dancing and mental, since she picks up inspiration from all styles and merge them into an areobics tech house.

Muck (CH/Saint-Vitus-Records)

Muck artistic work had existed long before he knew the existence of Saint-Vitus. He digests and bluntly mixes pieces of pop culture visuals: toy chilhood lead soldiers, cowboy movies, little scenes of peasant life, everyday imagery of the Middle Ages, techno flyers . He has been a DJ for many years, has a passion for the techno and house movement, he flees the easy recipees of the dancefloor to dive into the intricacies of a fine music, millimetered, made with care. A parallel is established naturally between his musical and his illustration work for the label. His drawings are a precision and patience exercise, in order to make make them look precious. They are built on a simple balance of power: power, fear, grandiloquence. Saint-Vitus is the label od the drawings that music whispered to him.

Entrance: 15.-
(this price is for the whole night and includes the DJ and VJ sets at the Gravière)