Fri, 18 May - 01:30 to 04:00Fonderie KuglerDJset / Live

(FR/CA/Cocktailclub soundsystem)

Ludaxpack, affiliated to the Cocktailclub soundsystem with Jonattan Levingstone, likes sad disco music, dissonance, the sounds of Detroit, heavy house music and sweat. After a long stay in Montreal, where he helped organize many nights illustrating the richness and diversity of the local scene (Moonstar, Bowly, Jacob et Francis),  and shared decks with artists like Cosmo Vitelli, Basic Soul Unit et Franck Voodoo Funk. Ludaxpack is now based in Paris for his passion for bridges and pastries.

Entrance: 20.-/15.-
(this price includes the Tagtool Community Jam and the DJ sets)