Tasman Richardson
Sat, 12 May - 01:00 to 02:00Spoutnik / UsineAudiovisual Performance

(CA) - Life after death

A retrospective of my JAWA legacy work which started with my manifesto in 1996. I will play my videos the same way a dj would. This will not be VJing which is simply matching images to separate sounds. This will be actual pitch shifting, beat matching, cutting, etc. of my video collection in real-time using Virtual DJ software, which is capable of handling video files and treating them like vinyl. Since the JAWA method requires that all musical compositions be made with video samples (what you see is exactly what you hear, never separate the original source video from the original source audio) this true DJ mixing is the best format for a retrospective of the work. Also, since many of these works refer to the nature of recordings to be illusions, addressing the line between live and “Memorex” is also relevant, hence the mixing of premade tracks rather than the entirely generated/triggered method which was used in the Firing Squad Performance.

Entrance: 12.-/8.-
(this price includes the performances all the AV performances of the night at the Spoutnik)
Entrance : 20.-
(this price includes the DJ and VJ sets at the Zoo and the AV performances at the Spoutnik)