Fred Penelle & Legoman
Sat, 12 May - 22:00 to 04:00Fonderie KuglerInstallation / Exhibition

(BE) - Mécaniques Discursives
Installation at the Fonderie Kugler from May 12th to 19th (when Fonderie Kugler is open)

This installation project was born from the meeting between the engraver Fred Penelle and the video artist Yannick Jacquet (Legoman).
Mixing engraving and video projection, the installation represents some kind of absurd and poetic machinery spreading on walls in the manner of an exquisite corpse, taking the principle of chain reaction as a starting point.

Fred Penelle is keen on making the engraving go out of its frame and its academical context. With this installation, he gives it a new breath by taking it off the beaten tracks.

Yannick Jacquet's work is marked by the desire the free itself from the traditional video projection formats and to take the video into the space. It mainly consists in audiovisual performances, installations and scenography.

Their common will to get off the beaten tracks in their respective disciplines led them to naturally get together around this project.

As part of the launch event of the new audiovisual artists booking agency Reversehead !

Entrance: 20.-/15.-
(this price includes all the AV performances, DJ and VJ sets at the Fonderie Kugler)