Sat, 12 May - 00:15 to 00:45Fonderie KuglerAudiovisual Performance

(FR) - Crise - Teaser

Crisis is the second part of the trilogy "Euphorie, Crise, Recession".
The euphoria of consumption for all and a world centered around individual happiness is followed by a period of crisis. The two performers, and freshly made redundant and close to suicide, will gradually make their domestic world derail and lead to visual apocalypse.

with Fernando Favier and Francois Wunschel
(co-production Arcadi/1024 Architecture)

As part of the launch event of the new audiovisual artists booking agency Reversehead !

Entrance: 20.-/15.-
(this price includes all the AV performances, DJ and VJ sets at the Fonderie Kugler)