Sat, 19 May - 17:00 to 18:00Le Commun (B√Ętiment d'art contemporain)Workshop / Lecture / Software demonstration

Collaborative writing workshop "VJing and free software"

During 5 days (from May 14th to 19th), 7 co-authors will gather to produce a free book in French on the use of free software in the practice of VJing. The methodology used will be that of Booksprint who enables you to write in a very short time quality content. This methodology was created and tested by the multilingual initiative FLOSS Manuals (, and some forty books, from 100 to 200 pages each, have been created since 2008, particularly in the field of digital creation.

Coordinated by the French speaking association Floss Manuals, this collaborative writing workshop is supported by the OIF in partnership with the Mapping Festival and the BAC.

On Saturday 19th May from 17h to 18h, come and meet the players of this initiative, after their five days of writing, to find out the methodology of rapid co-writing of books, the Floss Manuals platform and the final work.