The Mapping Festival is an international cultural event dedicated to VJing and its neighbouring disciplines, that is to say audiovisual art in the broadest sense of the word. Created in 2005, the Mapping Festival is already in its eighth edition. Year after year, it continues to attract a broader public and to put an emphasis on the most forefront artists while introducing their work and creations built of all kinds of new and innovative technologies.


VJing and visual arts are both disciplines that are now more regularly recognised by the larger public and constantly evolving towards an ever growing recognition. However, despite a steadily increasing interest from the public, a true presentation platform still lacks. It is primarily for this purpose that the Mapping Festival came about.

The Mapping Festival has become a reference in VJing and audiovisual arts and is thus seen as a mainline communicator, bringing the newest, most innovative artists to the festival while remaining close to the larger public. 

As the sole broadcasting space of this magnitude in Switzerland, the festival is now also recognised internationally as a experimental meeting space. Considered as a real laboratory for the art, it encourages interaction between all stakeholders, promotes interactive exchanges and actively participates in the continuous development of the domain by establishing professional networks.


VJing is constantly changing. It explores various artistic ways, at the borders of contemporary art and digital cultures.The Mapping Festival obviously closely follows this development and intends to present the various facets of VJing, but also its neighbouring disciplines, that is to say creation through new technologies.

Therefore, the richness of the festival programming comes from the fact that it is made, each year of audiovisual performances, installations, parties, live performances, but also workshops and conferences. 

Thus, with a call for proposals that is open to all and an artistic committee composed of several employees who have been working in the field for many years, the curatorial choices aim at an edgy, diverse and curiosity-inspiring programming for both novices and professionals.


Thanks to the unique though diverse aspect, the festival is known throughout the world as a major event and seen as a truely important meeting point for innovative thinking in the field of audiovisual art. In seven editions, the Mapping Festival has grown steadily and has become one of the leading events of its kind in Europe. 


What is VJing ?

The definition of VJing is performance which consists in creating moving visual art (often video) on large displays or screens, often at events such as concerts, nightclubs and music festivals, and usually in conjunction with other performance art. This results in a live, multimedia performance that can include music, actors or dancers as well as live and prerecorded video. Also sometimes called “Realtime” or “Realtime Video.”


2012 TEAM:

Curators: Ana Ascencio, Justine Beaujouan, Amira El May, Boris Edelstein, François Wunschel.

Ana Ascencio — Programmation and production coordinator

Gaëlle Amoudruz — Festival coordinator, communications and fundraising

Corinne Benoit — Festival coordinator and administration

Nicolas Donnet — Musical programmation

Adrien Boulanger —  Technical and video director

Kirstin Maclean — Production assistant

Chloé Lepeltier — Communication assistant

Audrey Monnard - Coordinator Volonteers and Logistic

Cyril Borde - Coordinator Volonteers and Logistic

Dimitri Delcourt — Graphic design

Mehdi Lahlou — Web master

Stéphane Pecorini — Photo documentation

Fabien Jupille — Video documentation

Linda Cavaliero - Video documentation assistant


Committee of the association

President : Boris Edelstein

Treasurer : Amira El May

Secretary : Justine Beaujouan